Beginning Date for States Reporting to FSCS

The program began in 1987 with 19 states and DC submitting data. All 19 states but Pennsylvania had 100% participation. Pennsylvania submitted data for 117 libraries (24% of is total.) In 1988, the count of states (including D.C. which is counted as a state in this series) submitting data was up to 45, 1989 50 submitted, and in 1990 Tennessee submitted data and the count was now to all 50 states plus DC. The various Outlying Areas submit data rarely. In order to process the data for PLDF3, a file was created of the beginning dates by state. These data are available in formats listed below. The dates are:

Beginning Years by State
state Beginning Year
(AK) Alaska 1988
(AL) Alabama 1989
(AR) Arkansas 1988
(AS) American Samoa 2013
(AZ) Arizona 1988
(CA) California 1988
(CO) Colorado 1987
(CT) Connecticut 1988
(DC) District of Columbia 1988
(DE) Delaware 1988
(FL) Florida 1987
(GA) Georgia 1989
(GU) Guam 1998
(HI) Hawaii 1988
(IA) Iowa 1987
(ID) Idaho 1987
(IL) Illinois 1988
(IN) Indiana 1987
(KS) Kansas 1989
(KY) Kentucky 1988
(LA) Louisiana 1988
(MA) Massachusetts 1988
(MD) Maryland 1988
(ME) Maine 1989
(MI) Michigan 1988
(MN) Minnesota 1987
(MO) Missouri 1988
(MS) Mississippi 1988
(MP) Northern Mariana Islands 1997
(MT) Montana 1987
(NC) North Carolina 1987
(ND) North Dakota 1988
(NE) Nebraska 1988
(NH) New Hampshire 1987
(NJ) New Jersey 1988
(NM) New Mexico 1988
(NV) Nevada 1989
(NY) New York 1987
(OH) Ohio 1987
(OK) Oklahoma 1987
(OR) Oregon 1987
(PA) Pennsylvania 1987
(PW) Palau 2000
(RI) Rhode Island 1988
(SC) South Carolina 1987
(SD) South Dakota 1988
(TN) Tennessee 1990
(TX) Texas 1987
(UT) Utah 1987
(VA) Virginia 1988
(VI) Virgin Islands 2000
(VT) Vermont 1988
(WA) Washington 1987
(WI) Wisconsin 1988
(WV) West Virginia 1988
(WY) Wyoming 1987

Data and Formats

These files use the state abbreviations to identify data from the states and not the state names.

Available formats
Format Filename Size Comments
ASCII begindate.txt 1KB
Libre Office Calc spreadsheet begindate.ods 14KB
Excel spreadsheet begindate.xlsx 9KB